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Intellectual Property and Proprietary Rights

All of the content of this website (texts, logos, images, sounds, …), including trade names, trademarks, and domain names, are protected by national and international intellectual property laws and treaties. The website content remains the exclusive property of Polaris Law.

All rights of reproduction are reserved, including for downloadable documents, iconographic and photographic representations.

In this regard, all are prohibited, without the express written consent of the Editor in Chief, from making any reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation or transformation, whether whole or partial, or transfer to another website, of any content on this website.

Any violation of the foregoing prohibitions may constitute an act of infringement, liable in the civil and criminal courts. In accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, reuse of website content is authorized solely for strictly personal purposes.

Reproduction of extracts from texts on this site is authorized provided they are not modified or altered in any way, and that the source “” appears in a clear and legible manner.

Editor In Chief: 

Alexander Blumrosen

Polaris Law

4 Avenue Hoche, 75008, Paris, France

Applicable Law - Dispute Resolution

This website shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of France.

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