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Selected speaking engagements:

  • Virtual Hot Tubbing – Panel-Appointed Experts: Arbitrators Debate, You Decide, Silicon Valley Arbitration and Mediation Center, New York Arbitration Week, November 2020

  • Parallel proceedings in International Arbitration, ICC Dubai MENA conference, April 2017

  • The regulation of drones and drone technology, ITechLaw Paris, October 2014

  • Data Security: Strategies to Follow in the Wake of "United States v. Nosal", ITechLaw, Phoenix, May 2013

  • EU Money Laundering Disclosure Obligations: What Non-EU Lawyers Need to Know in Joint Representations, American Bar Association, International Section, Washington DC, April 2013

  • EU privacy regulations; Conducting due diligence, internal inquiries and discovery from the US and Cross-Border Implications of Cloud Computing, American Bar Association, International Section, Paris, November 2010

  • Open Secrets: The receptivity of U.S. courts, prosecutors and regulators to claims of secrecy and privacy under non-U.S. law, American Bar Association, International Section, New York, April 2010

  • Clash of Laws And Cultures: Cross Border E-Discovery and International Data Management, Georgetown E-Discovery Institute, Washington, November 2009

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